Introduction To WashConnect (EXU01)
WashConnect Express Model
Introduction To WashConnect (EXU01)
What is WashConnect? In this Unit, we will learn what makes WashConnect the program that puts you in control of your entire car wash operation. We'll learn the basic orientation of WashConnect, how to log in, and get started with this multi-site...
Express Service Items (EXU02)
WashConnect Express Model
Express Service Items (EXU02)
Learn how to create and manage Service Items: what you will be selling at your car wash. In lesson 1, learn what profit centers can do to help you manage your car wash revenue and expenses. Learn what sales items are and how to add them in...
Express Promotions (EXU03)
WashConnect Express Model
Express Promotions (EXU03)
Promotions allow you to gain insight on your customers. Being able to track what your customers purchase most often and when they visit your site allows you to plan ahead when setting up future sales. In this lesson, you will learn what...
Building Express Clubs (EXU04)
WashConnect Express Model
Building Express Clubs (EXU04)
Creating a car wash club works for both you and your customers. You will earn consistent revenue every month regardless of the weather, while your club members enjoy the discounts, offers or other perks of being part of your club. You will learn...
Marketing Services (EXU05)
WashConnect Express Model
Marketing Services (EXU05)
Learn what the ICS marketing department can do to make your business stand out from the crowd. ICS has a diverse portfolio of marketing solutions for any car wash company, site or business model. Topics include: Marketing Items, Marketing Service...
User Roles (EXU06)
WashConnect Express Model
User Roles (EXU06)
WashConnect® is your multi-site car wash management solution. Because of this, security is a priority. By properly assigning user security roles, your company will always be securely in your control.
Managing Customers (EXU07)
WashConnect Express Model
Managing Customers (EXU07)
When you add customers in WashConnect, you will be able to track their needs and preferences when buying your car wash services. Managing customers helps you keep better control over what they desire and to stay current with customer trends.
Stack Functions (EXU08)
WashConnect Express Model
Stack Functions (EXU08)
Stack Management is your central control center for all cars approaching the wash tunnel as well as those going through the tunnel. By using the stack functions in WashConnect®, you will ensure your customers will get the most out of their car...
RFID Functions (EXU09)
WashConnect Express Model
RFID Functions (EXU09)
A Radio Frequency ID, or RFID tag is a tamper proof windshield sticker with an electronic chip placed inside. In this unit, you’ll learn how to apply RFID tags to customer vehicles and use these tags to identify your customer activity in...
Express Fleets (EXU10)
WashConnect Express Model
Express Fleets (EXU10)
Learn how to add customer fleet accounts in WashConnect® to make it easy for you and your business partners to boost business relations and increase site revenue.

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